Common Types Of Probation Violations 

When you have been found guilty of a crime, the judge might sentence you to jail, or they might show some mercy and offer probation. Probation is a system where you can still live at your home and go on about your life but with certain restrictions, rules and regulations. There are specific terms and conditions of probation that you will need to follow. 

It is called a probation violation when you fail to follow your probation orders laid out by the court. If this happens, you will have a probation hearing where the judge could revoke your probation and send you to jail. It is important to talk to an attorney to avoid something like this. 

Common types of probation violations

  • Missing an appointment with the probation officer. 

When you are on probation, you get assigned a probation officer with whom you are required to meet on notice. The officer may schedule something on their own, or it might be a probation condition laid out by the court. If you fail to meet them, it could violate one of the rules. Making excuses won’t work, but if you have a valid reason, an attorney can help you. 

  • Visiting restricted areas or people. 

When you are on probation, you may be required to keep your distance from certain people who feel threatened by you or stay away from certain places, such as a school. In most cases, you are restricted from contacting the victim of your case. If something like this is included in your terms and conditions and you violate it, it could create a big problem. 

  • Not paying court-ordered fines. 

Just because you were awarded probation does not mean you were relieved from paying fines. You might be required to pay fines or restitution to the victim. If you fail to make the payments, you might violate it. 

If you are going through money problems, an attorney can argue with the court to lower the fines or give you more time. However, know that the court will review your financial information. If it is found that you were able to pay, but you still did not, your attorney may not be able to help you. 

  • Not completing community service. 

Almost all probation cases require the guilty to complete a certain number of hours of community within a specific timeline. If you fail to complete all the hours before your deadline, it is constituted as a violation. 

  • Failing a drug test. 

While on probation, you may be required to take alcohol and drug tests as proof that you are trying to better yourself. If you fail your drug test, it becomes a big problem. Your attorney could defend you by saying you took a few prescription pills or eaten foods that resulted in a positive test.

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