How To Choose The Best Lawyer For Your Divorce?

If you find yourself in the unenviable position of going through a divorce, choosing the correct divorce law firm may be one of the most crucial choices you ever have to make.  This book is meant to serve as an in-depth manual for finding, interviewing, and eventually selecting the most suitable Turco Legal divorce attorney for your needs.  Here is the help you need to make sense of the maze of options presented by the thousands of family law attorneys in Massachusetts.

The Best Divorce Attorney: Top Guidelines

If you live in Massachusetts and are in need of a divorce or family law attorney, consider the following guidelines.

1. Get Informed 

Numerous resources exist for investigating potential divorce lawyers.  Former clients can leave reviews about an attorney on various review sites like Avvo, Yelp, and Google. 

2. Meet with many divorce attorneys

There is no financial risk in meeting with multiple divorce attorneys because most offer free consultations.  Would you buy a car without taking a few out for a spin first?  Choosing a divorce lawyer in Massachusetts is a huge decision, so it is crucial to look into your alternatives carefully.  Divorce attorneys vary greatly in their techniques, levels of expertise, services offered, and fees.

3. Avoid people who make unrealistic promises. 

Meet your lawyer for the first time at an introductory consultation.  Solicit specific instances of their competence.  Ask the divorce attorney for an honest assessment of how long they think it will take to settle your case when they explain the procedure.

4. Make sure there are independent certifications

You may still check if the lawyer is reputable by looking into their credentials, as Massachusetts does not offer divorce certification like other states.  The selection of Super Lawyers is based on evaluations from other legal professionals.  Some people have received certification from an organization as a trial lawyer. 

5. Look for a divorce attorney who is easily accessible in your area

There are law firms specializing in divorce all around the Commonwealth.  Locating a divorce attorney who is close to your place of residence or place of employment is crucial.  A divorce attorney’s proximity to the Probate and Family Court where your case will be heard is more crucial than the other way around.  It is vital to know where the courtroom your divorce case will be heard in as county requirements vary widely.

6. Before scheduling any interviews with lawyers, make sure you look them up on the BBO website.

You can search the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers (BBO) database to learn more about any divorce lawyer practicing in the state.  Each lawyer’s BBO profile reveals whether or not they have been censured in the past.

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