How to Transport Goods Safely

Are you transporting goods out of the UK? Whether this is a one-off task or it’s a regular part of the day, it’s essential that goods are moved safely from one location to another. This is especially important when taking goods out of the country as there are rules and regulations to follow, along with the logistics to work out.  

Plan ahead

In order to successfully move goods around, you’ll need to make a plan. Begin by deciding how you’ll get the item to where it needs to go. Will it go by lorry, boat or train, for example? Take the time to research the options available. 

You’ll also need to consider how quickly it needs to get there. This might affect the mode of transport you choose. It might also affect how you pack the goods. You’ll need to protect any large, heavy or fragile loads. But if you’re choosing the speediest option, you might need to add additional packing materials just to add an extra layer of protection.  

Are there any permits needed? Look into this ahead of time so that you won’t hold up getting everything moving. 

Reduce the risks

As well as planning ahead, you’ll also need to consider the risks. 

How the goods are placed in the vehicle can pose a risk, especially if the load is likely to cause damage if it’s broken during transportation. Therefore, strapping everything down can be hugely beneficial. Ratchet straps are used frequently to ensure that goods being transported are as secure as possible. 

If the goods are wide or hazardous, add the correct labels to make it clear. This will reduce the risk of harm coming to anyone who handles the load. 

Also, is the load high value? If so, might you need insurance in place and perhaps a vehicle tracking system.  

Know the rules and regulations

Any type of export comes with a set of regulations that must be met. The Government’s website sets out what’s required in order to move goods safely out of the UK. This covers the permits and licences required. 

As well as preparing for getting to the port, you’ll also need to work out where your load is going once it arrives in the next country. What are the road rules, for example? These might be different in France compared with the UK. 

Take the time to work out how you’ll move your goods. Plan in advance and ensure you have everything covered before you begin the transportation process. 

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