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Exhaust Fans

When a building is ventilated, old or dirty air is replaced with fresh, clean air. Despite the wide range of applications requiring ventilation, the basic airflow principles—unwanted air out, fresh air in—remain constant.

A healthy home needs adequate ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom. The lack of natural ventilation in modern homes makes exhaust fans highly handy.

What Factors Must Be Considered Before Installing And Purchasing An Exhaust Fan?

Size is the most important consideration when choosing an exhaust fan for the kitchen or bathroom. CFMs (cubic feet per minute) indicate the airflow of an exhaust fan or the amount of air exchanged per minute.

Kitchens have exhaust fans installed to eliminate heat and other gases created during cooking.

The steam produced when cooking causes the kitchen to become moist. By replacing the moist air with fresh air, the exhaust fan stops the growth of mould and mildew, which could cause various allergies, asthma attacks, or serious respiratory problems.

Since hot air rises and collects there, the kitchen exhaust fan should be installed close to the ceiling. The hot air is drawn in and released through the exhaust. It is crucial to comprehend that electrical fittings should be created to shield users from shocks and leaks.

How Should An Exhaust Fan Be Cleaned?

Even the best kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans can become noisy and useful if properly cleaned regularly. Here are some cleaning suggestions to keep your exhaust fan in good working order.

  • You must take out the mesh if your exhaust fan has one. Two parts water and one part ammonia must be mixed to clean this mesh.
  • The exhaust fan blades must be cleaned frequently since they draw oil and grease stains.

Indo Exhaust Fan

The kitchen and bathrooms need adequate ventilation for a healthy home. The lack of natural ventilation in modern homes makes exhaust fans important.

When choosing an exhaust fan for the kitchen or bathroom, size is a major consideration. To properly fit your utility areas, choose one of the three varieties of fans that differ according to the fan blade size in inches, such as the indo exhaust fan 12-inch, indo exhaust fan 6-inch, or indo exhaust fan 9-inch. The Indo Fan price is reasonable.

Axial fans come in two configurations: one has a 100mm exhaust fan and a 21 W motor, while the other has a 150mm exhaust fan and a 25 W motor.

Because they consume so little power, these fans are inexpensive to run.

The Zosta powerful exhaust fans from IndoAsian have been meticulously designed with a sleek plastic cabinet and slanted blades to improve airflow while making the least noise.

They abide by tight RoHS standards to protect both humans and the environment by minimising the percentage of dangerous or difficult-to-dispose-of substances.

The back of the device is supported by flaps that close automatically when the fan is turned on to keep insects and mosquitoes out. View the most recent selection of exhaust fans from IndoAsian!

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