Things to discuss with your Montgomery divorce attorney

Your marriage is over, and it is time to file for divorce. If you live in Montgomery, you should know that the waiting period for a divorce in Alabama is just 30 days. Unfortunately, many couples have to wait for a long time before they resolve their issues and get on the same page to finalize the divorce. No matter whether you expect any cooperation from your spouse, you need to hire a Montgomery divorce attorney to protect your rights. In this post, we are sharing some key things you must discuss with your lawyer.

Your personal goals and concerns

Do you want to keep the house? Would you want the custody of your kids? Do you want alimony? How are your relations with your spouse? Is there a chance that they may cooperate with you? Did you own assets before your marriage? Your situation is unique, and so are the complications. Ensure that your attorney knows what you want from the divorce, and if you have any specific concerns, discuss the same. Aspects like whether your spouse is having an affair or is trying to hide assets must be mentioned.

The lawyer’s profile and experience

You need to know whether an attorney practices family law in Montgomery and whether they have experience handling similar divorce matters. As a client, you can question the lawyer’s work profile, the typical matters they deal with, and if they have handled issues like child custody, domestic violence, and the discovery of assets. Hire an attorney you can trust for their expertise tv bucetas.

The costs involved

Divorces can be expensive for many reasons, especially if yours is a contested divorce. If you have managed to sort out issues with your spouse and just need help with the paperwork and legal process, a lawyer may agree to work on a flat fee. An uncontested divorce is the easiest way to end your marriage in Alabama, and it doesn’t have to cost much. Contested divorces take longer, and your lawyer will usually ask for an hourly rate. Getting an estimate or a ballpark can help you manage your finances better.

Finally, consider asking the attorney about how you can get updates on the divorce. An uncontested divorce could be delayed for reasons like wrong filing and burden on local court, and your lawyer should provide information and answer your questions through emails and phone. Check online for top family law firms in Montgomery.

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