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Why Diesel Engines Are Used For Heavy Vehicles

Why are diesel engines used in heavy vehicles? They have several advantages over gasoline engines. One of the most important advantages is fuel efficiency. Diesels burn fuel at a lower RPM, which is ideal for heavy vehicles. Another benefit is lower downtime due to repair costs. Both of these factors make diesel engines more cost-effective for heavy vehicles. However, they come at a price. Diesel engines are more expensive than gasoline engines, but they last longer than petrol ones and provide better fuel economy.

When fitting larger diesel engines to cars, automakers take into account extreme vibrations and noise. These characteristics are less problematic for larger vehicles, but they can be a problem in smaller cars. As a result, some automakers are turning to smaller versions of diesel engines. This is one advantage of diesel engines in heavy vehicles. These engines are less noisy and vibration-free compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. In fact, diesel engines are increasingly popular in small cars.

In the 1920s, trucks were often gasoline-powered. Today, buses and Class 8 trucks are powered by diesel engines. The first diesel-powered truck was produced in 1908. General Motors, later Detroit Diesel, developed a two-stroke series 71 inline high-speed engine that was suitable for road vehicles. Cummins also created a braking system for diesel engines known as Jake Brake. He also invented the first diesel compression braking system.

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